Boot It

Boot it is an online western and work boot shop, that has sample boots available to test out before purchasing. Boot it will allow customer to choose two different sizes and various styles that they would like to try, to ensure that the boots you desire will work for you. Instead of purchasing necessary items only to find that the square toe style is not for you or you should size up, your able to try on a couple pairs in the comfort of your home. There would be no need to drive to your local boots store or guessing online.

When I purchased my Ariat cowgirl boots online, the sizing was off. I had to pay for the return shipping and unconfidently ordered a half size down. Then waited 2 more weeks to get my new boots. Only to find that I could have gone down a whole size, but I didn’t want to pay for the return postage again or deal with the hassle if it ended up being too small. It would have been nice if I could have tried on a few pairs to see how to styles and brands vary in size, seeing as how the nearest boot store to me is over an hour away, I choose to just order them online.

The global footwear industry is $52 Billion dollars and the annual US spending on footwear is $29 Billion dollars. According to MarketWatch consumers return $221 Billion in goods each year, of that the clothing category makes up 10% of returns. The biggest reasons for returns are defective items, wrong size or item was purchased. This is a huge issue for businesses because of those items returned only 44% may be sold at full price. Getting it right the first time is extremely important. This would be a great business opportunity because having a tester product for your customer will make them happier but also be better for your business.




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