Revisit: Bake Shop


As of right now, I will not pursue this venture. I will keep it as an option for a later time in the future, as I am unable to devote so much necessary time to successfully create the Bake Shop.

The minimum square footage for my bakery would be 1,200 sq. ft. to successfully operate without running the risk of being too large of a space. This allows for product displays in the front of the house, a beverage refrigerator, and two restrooms. The back of house will allow for ample space for an oven, commercial mixers, chillers, baking tools and supplies. A small office would also be essential.

Location: The Premier location for the Bake Shop is 269 N Fifth St, Coalinga, CA 93210. It is located on the Easterly Side Main Street plaza which is amongst the historic downtown business district, centrally located and will provide the most foot traffic for business. It is prime location for individuals passing on route to highway 33 or to I5. The Main Street plaza is home to the farmer’s market and community festivals which are closed off for walking traffic. Currently this location is available for $38,484 and is 1,412 sqft. according to MIDSTATE realty.

Number of employees needed:

(2) Kitchen Prep– in charge of mixing the ingredients, prepping the ovens, prepare frostings, restocking ingredients, works alongside Chef.

(1) Specialty Chef– Pastry Chef will create cupcake menu, as well as seasonal flavors. Oversees baking Cupcakes.

(2) Front of House– manage register, organizes and restocks cupcake display, and setups orders ready for pick up, merchandise display, communicates with customers, and takes special orders.

(1) Delivery, Cleaning, and Maintenance– deliver orders, stocks front house supplies and place orders for ingredients and supplies, provides routine maintenance to business as well maintaining a clean and Grade A environment.

(1) Marketing and Management– in charge of advertising for Earthquake Cakes, promoting new flavors and specials, oversees financial aspects, as well as community organizational involvement.

Fixed Cost Break Down


$2,994.00 in annual premium

     -$249.00 monthly


     -$1,000.00 monthly

Startup cost

Purchase of Building: for $38,484 for 1,612 Sq. ft. building in Coalinga, CA

Building Permits: $993.75

Sign Permits: $75.00

Health Permit- Food Sales-Risk 3 $150

Baking/ Preparation Equipment:

-Doyon Air Double Deck Gas Convention Oven- $22,266.29

-Bakers Pride Cyclone Series Double Deck Full Size Gas Convention Oven- $6,000.00

-Commercial Mixers:

     Avantco Mx30qt. Gear Driven Commercial Floor Mixer- $1,829.00 * 3

     Kitchen Aid White Commercial Stand Mixer w/ Stainless Steel Bowl- $589.00 * 4

-Mixer Parts:

     Avantco Stainless Steel Bowl Guard-$48.99

     Avantco Stainless Steel Bowl for Mixers- $458.99

-Mixer Accessories:

     Kitchen Aid Wire Whip for Stand Mixers- $19.99 * 4

Merchandising Equipment:

-Refrigerated Bakery Cases:

     Turbo Air Red 60” Curved Glass Refrigerated Bakery Display Case- $6,989.30 * 2

-Grift Wrap/ Ribbon Supplies:

     Bulman Ribbon Dispenser with cutter- $122.69

     Bulman Basic 36” x 72” Packing Table w/ Shelves- $718.75

Mixing and Measuring Supplies:

-ingredient Bowls:

     Cardinal Stackable Glass Bowl 5oz.–30/Case $ 55.04

     Cardinal 2 qt. Stack Bowl- 6/Case $34.81

     Cardinal 12 oz. Stack Bowl- 36/Case $83.67

     Cardinal Glass Bowl 4.5 Qt.- $11.18

-Measuring Cups:

     Choice 1 Pint Clear Measuring Cup- $1.79 x 2

     Choice 4 qt. Clear Measuring Cup- $6.99 x 2

     Choice 2 qt. Clear Measuring Cup-$4.52 x 2

     Choice 1 cup Clear Measuring Cup- $1.29 x 5

-Measuring Spoons:

     4 pc. Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set- $1.99 x 5

-Mixing Bowls:

     8 qt. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl- $1.89 x 4

     5 qt. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl- $3.73 x 4

     20 qt. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl- $12.42 x 2

-Utility Spoons:

     Clear Plastic Scoop 24 oz.- $2.99 x 5

     Clear Plastic Scoop 6oz.- $ 0.69 x10

Decorating Supplies:

-Baking Cups:

     White Fluted Baking Cups 10,000/Case- $66.12

-Group PB10 Disposable plastic silverware bag-2000/Case $7.52

-Baking Spatulas:

     Ateco 4” Baking Spatula- $2.02 x 8

-Cake Decorating Bag:

     Ateco Pastry Bag 100/Roll- $10.66 x 2

     Ateco 4p Pastry Tips- $0.90 x 5

-Baking Toppings and Add ins:

     Variety Pack of 11 sprinkles 275 lbs.- $275.33

     Pure Semisweet Chocolate Chips 25lbs- $52.75

     Chocolate Sprinkles 25lbs-$30.

     Dutch Coco Powder 5lbs.- $32.49 x 5

-Piping Gel and Food Coloring:

    5pc. Food Coloring- $11.49 x 2

    Piping Gel Tub 10oz.- $3.04 x 5

Display Supplies:

-Bakery Display Case:

     Choice Bakery Cupcake Display- $89.78 x 2

-Cupcake Display Stands:

     Wilton 4 Tier Cupcake stand- $13.55

-Bakery Display Trays:

     Pastry Tray White Bakery- $20.99 x 2

Takeout Supplies:

-Cupcake packaging:

Par-Park 12 Compartment Container-100/Case $49.99

Par-Park 24 Compartment Container-100/Case $67.51

-Disposable bags:

Traveler White Paper Bag with Handle-250/Case $80.89

Ingredient Supplies:

-Baking Powder (6) 5lbs. – $36.27

-Baking Soda (6) 4lbs. – $12.49

-Brown Sugar 25 lbs.- $14.05

-Bulk Flour 50 lbs.- $10.34

-Bulk Sugar 50 lbs.- $20.49

-Corn Starch 50 lbs.- $18.91

-Corn Syrup 5 Gallon- $28.23

-Cream of Tartar 5 lbs.- $29.40

-Flavoring Syrups 750ml (10 pack)- $49.00

-Molasses 1 Gallon 4/Case- $44.00

-Powdered Sugar (20) 1lbs./Case-$15.36

-Salt and Pepper 25 lbs.- $4.07

-Vanilla Extract 1 Gallon-$50.88

-ingredients Bins 21 Gallon- $99.00

-Yeast 20 lbs.-$56.40


-Mini Cup Cake Pans $10.25

-Cupcake Pans $6.79

Small Preparation Tools & Supplies:

Cream Whippers $55.99

Double Boilers 12 Qt.- #38.99

Flour Sifter-$10.49 x 4

Rolling Pins- $4.99 x 6

Scrapers- $1.09 x 10

Spatulas-$4.19 x 10

Whisks-$2.99 x 8

Spoonuales-$2.55 x 8

All supplies and ingredients were found on:


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