babysitters club


The babysitters club is childcare business that would be offered to teachers and school faculty members. The babysitters would be 15 to 18-year-old, high school students who are apart of school clubs or honor students. This gives busy teachers a few hours after work to go the bank, grocery store, or run small errands. The benefit of having students as babysitters, is the teachers know them and they can choose who they feel comfortable watching their children. Also, it gives teachers a few options in case their favorite babysitter in unavailable for that date.

This idea just recently came back to me, I used to babysit my ASB Advisors children after school when she had meetings or Saturday nights. The only issue was on a few occasions I was unable to babysit because of soccer games. Back then it would have been nice to have a group of backups that the teachers felt good about as alternatives. A few of my friends also baby sat for teachers but for some reason we never put our contacts and heads together. If we had joined forces we could have set up group sittings and watched a few more kids.

This would be a great business idea because when you’re in high school your looking to make extra money, but maybe not the full-time commitment of a weekend job. This gives the students flexibility to work around extra circular schedules and school but also provides teachers with affordable childcare. According to the census from 2011, there are 11 million high school students, 27,653 worked less than full time year-round, 7,097 worked full time year-round and 40,456 did not work.



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