Fresh n’ Up


Fresh n’ up is a mobile dog grooming service that operates out of a food truck. Everyone is busy and scheduling out the time to drop off your pet at the groomers and going back to pick them up is a hassle. After listening to my classmate Love, discuss her mechanic shop on wheels I thought wow that’s a pretty cool idea. If you could do that for pet owners that would be convenient. Instead of providing at home service where you groom the customers’ pets in their own home, you bring your shop on wheels to their home. This ensures that you have all the necessary tools and supplies to care for the pet and won’t leave a big mess behind for the customer.

In my home town there are no groomers, everyone must drive to Lemoore, Hanford, or Fresno. You spend all day out of town, waiting for your dog to be groomed. In the Fresno area, there are about 40 shops that offer pet grooming. Fresh n’ up is a great business opportunity because in California nearly 40% of homeowners own at least one dog and 24% own two dogs. Owners spend an average of $225 on vet visits annually. According to animal groomers make between $26,000-$40,000 annually.






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