Bake Shop

7729d024b26dd958b4d442013de73f5cThe Bake Shop is a small cupcake bakery that will offer delicious desserts to my hometown. There is currently no pastry shop in Coalinga, the only place to purchase desserts is at Save Mart Super Market. Recently I was planning a birthday party and trying to maneuver the cake situation and having to drive to Hanford to pick it up. There are certain situations that a homemade funfetti cake just won’t make the cut. The Bake shop will fill the void of my hometown and provide quality cupcakes to my community for special occasions or just a sweet treat.

There are roughly 2,800 commercial bakeries and 6,000 retail bakeries in the Unites States. The annual revenue of retail bakeries was $3 billion and a combined $33 billion. The average bakery shop requires a $40,000 startup cost for all necessary baking equipment and supplies. The average bake shop sells around $750 a week in baked goods in the United States and roughly $40,000 a year in annual revenue.



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