I am a movie fanatic and I especially enjoy viewing a new movie at the theater. My boyfriend came up with this idea a while ago, as we arrived late one time and spent the first five minutes allowing our eyes to adjust to the light before spotting two empty seats together.

A small LED light is used to direct patrons to available movie theater seats. If your running late for a movie, it’s difficult to find available seats for you and your party in the dark. The LED light would be attached to the bottom of the movie theater seat, when no one is occupying the seat the light is visible, once the seat is pulled down the light turns off. This will allow patrons to avoid feeling their way in the dark for an empty seat. The lights would be set to a dim light as to not disturb the audience, after about ten to fifteen minutes the lights could be set to shut off completely.

I don’t have a name picked out yet that I love, however this would be a good business opportunity that could be marketed to movie theaters, especially in densely populated areas. In North America 222.7 million people attended a movie at least once a year and 35 million are frequent movie goers. Movie theaters make up 85% of their profit from their concession stands, so increasing customer satisfaction could Increase customer retention. This will keep your happy customers lining up for overpriced popcorn.






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