Lunch it

Time for Lunch

Lunch it, is an app that allows customer to order lunch from their favorite restaurants, café, or deli’s and have their lunch delivered to them at work. This allows employees to enjoy their designated lunch break, instead of wasting time driving thru traffic to get it. Most employees have between 30 mins to an hour for lunch, and depending on where you’re going and the area you live in, you could spend almost your entire lunch break going there and back, only having to scarf your food down in the last 5 mins. Lunch it would be like uber for food, but mainly focusing during the work hours when your pressed for time.

On Wednesday, I was running late and couldn’t pack a lunch for school. No big deal, I’ll just grab something quick before class. I had an hour break in between my class, but I was faced with a dilemma; I was craving In-n-Out. The closest location to campus is in Clovis, I can make it. By the time I drove there, waiting in their obnoxiously long line, and got back to campus 37 mins had passed by and I hadn’t even eaten my food yet. An app that allows you to pre-order your lunch and have it be ready and delivered for a designated time would be so convenient. Not all restaurants or cafes deliver, especially before 4pm. This will allow you to spend your lunch break more efficiently.

Lunch it would be a good business idea because American’s spend between 20-53 dollars a week on lunch. Those most likely to spend on lunch are students and men compared to women. In the US, the restaurant industry revenue is 745 billion dollars; takeout and delivery amount for 18 percent of the market share. Of those Americans who are eating out, 20 percent order out at least once a week. The typical lunch break in America is thirty minutes long, which doesn’t leave you very much time.





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