Where’s Bobby?


Where’s Bobby? is a magnetic hair dish that is used to store women’s bobby pins. These are some of the most crucial hair accessories in a women’s arsenal. However, you would think these tiny metal pins have legs, because they are mysteriously disappearing from me all the time. Where’s Bobby secures your mischievously wandering pins, so that the next time you need them they will always be there. Throughout the course of a year I must buy 3 packs of bobby pins a year, but somehow I’m digging in the bottom my bag trying to find just one. The hair dish will be dainty and cute so it can be displayed on your vanity but with a secure lid in case you need to take Bobby on the road.

In the United States 144 million dollar are spent on hair accesories in supermarkets and 675 million through online, prestige, and drugstore sales. Every year worldwide approximately 1.73 billion bobby pins are lost. Where’s Bobby could be very useful to women around the world.





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