Agua Meter


Agua Meter is a device that is attached to your shower head and calculates how much water you are using in the shower. It collects all your data per shower, showers in day, week, or month and are stored in a downloaded app. With this app, you can set up usernames for each member of your household, and find out how much water each person is using.

The purpose of Agua Meter is to allow consumers to be more conscious of the water usage. A couple weeks ago in class we were brainstorming idea on how to conserve water. One thing that I thought about when I went home is I’m not sure how much water I’m using. There are statistics online about how much water the average person consumes, but how much do I personally use. I believe the area that would be the easiest to cut down on is taking a shorter shower, but at the end of the day I don’t know how much water I use per shower. I could time myself and vow to cut my time in half, but that’s just a guess. If I had a way to visually see what footprint I leave behind, it would be more attainable to cut down on my consumption. I would have a real number to go off, and from there adjust my lifestyle based on the number of gallons I consume.

The current water crisis is a huge wakeup call; it has been especially dry the last five years and the need for water conservation is dire. The third largest use of water in a home is showers, the average length of a shower is 8.2 minutes long and uses 17.2 gallons of water.   The average household spends $500 a year on their sewer and water bills. Agua Meter is a great business opportunity, to cash in on those who want to be environmentally conscious.





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