Buff Buddy


Buff Buddy is an interactive app designed to connect individuals with other individuals within your area to form workout or running groups, or share you’re at home gym. The app will prompt each user to fill out a questionnaire, and based off your answer will connect you with individuals in your community with your same goals, preferred workout methods, or can be narrowed to a specific gender or age range. Buff Buddy allows users to connect with individuals who share the same interest as you, that you may not otherwise meet through your personal social circle.

I am by nature a shyer person, and heading to the gym to work out or do cardio is more of an uncomfortable experience. I prefer to workout form home and use all my own equipment. Also, being a germaphobe, laying in sweaty equipment that 100 other people have used before me is not appealing. However, why should I miss out from having a workout partner because of my location preference. Having a group or a partner can improve the atmosphere, they hold you accountable,  and offer great motivation to be persistent.

In the United States the average cost of a gym membership is $58 a month, with over 54 million memberships held across 35,000 fitness centers. Out of those memberships 67% of them go used every year. Memberships go unused when members cannot stick to the commitment and when there are no human interactions. Individuals who work alone are less likely to stick to a routine than those in a workout group or with a personal trainer. Buff Buddy is a great business opportunity because it will connect individuals with workout groups, without having to pay high membership fees, but still ensuring that you can gain accountability to make your lifestyle stick.











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