Your Home Nose

Your Home Nose is a plug-in sensor that detects foul odors that are disrupting your home. It would be similar to a plug-in carbon monoxide detector that indicates when dangerous gases are present. However, Your Home Nose will detect when your house has reached a certain level of pet odor, that you have gone immune too. It would also work in conjunction as an oil diffuser to help rid your home of the pet odor. Instead of masking the smells with air fresheners, using natural oils such as lemon grass and tea tree oil to kill bacteria and fungal as well as eliminate odors.

Recently I was at the home of some family friends and once I entered, I was immediately stunned at the strong mixture of wet dog and cats. It was so pungent and strong, I had no clue how they were functioning. I thought at some point you would have to get used to the smell that you don’t even notice it anymore. As a guest it would be a bit awkward to bring up the fact that their house smells like a small zoo. If no one says anything about your home, then you’ll never know there’s something to fix.

In the United States 79.9 million households own a pet and 62% of household own more than one pet. In 2015, $60.28 billion dollars were spent on pets in the United States and specifically $14.28 billion dollars were spent on supplies for pets. Your Home Nose would be a great business opportunity because people love their pets and having a product that allows you to enjoy and love your pet, while still having a clean and fresh smelling home for yourself and your guest, is a win-win.



The Smelly Truth: Getting Rid of Pet Odor – from Bayside Carpet Cleaning




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